StackingIT is a new event concept, colocated with DCD Converged, that pulls together data center professionals responsible for the fabric, the rack infrastructure and the critical environment, and empowers them to create more intelligent and free-flowing IT infrastructure that takes the industry closer to the promise of Software Defined Data Centers.

What's this event all about?

Inspired by the work of OpenStack, Open Compute, The Linux Foundation and other major industry organisations who have identified the opportunity to increase the pace of innovation in a proprietary world, we have developed a dedicated conference track and technology exhibition that runs alongside DCD Converged, the world's leading peer-led data center event. DCD has the ability to unify the enterprise data center community, those people comsuming data center services with the people building them, in order to help accelerate the understanding and adoption of this exciting new technology shift.

"The Data Center is primed for yet another revolutionary shift. Where it was once viewed as a means to an end it’s now the convergence point of the connected world. By bringing together data center designers, data center operators and data center consumers we can finally begin having the type of conversations that challenge and change the world."

Cole Crawford, Executive Director, Open Compute Project Foundation

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