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Nov 18 2015

Panel: What is the impact of the IoT tsunami and the cloud on IT service delivery?

Armin Graefe, Global IT and Infrastructure- Data Center Systems Operations, Adidas Group Brandon Butterworth, Chief Scientist, BBC Jane Gilmour, International CTO, The Coca-Cola Company Matthias Haendly , VP, Platform Solution Group, SAP Richard Hall , CEO, CloudOrigin

With an expected 45 billion devices connected by 2020 we ask a panel of senior IT strategists from the world’s most recognised brands how IoT will transform their enterprise IT infrastructure requirements over the next 5 years. 

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CIOs as business leaders and the need to look at cloud from a business innovation perspective

Piers Linney, Co-CEO, Outsourcery

The profitability of many companies now depends on effective technology, making the CIO central to business decision making. However, many IT leaders are struggling to understand how cloud computing can fuel innovation and what it means to changing how technology is used throughout organisations.

Piers Linney will discuss what innovation means in the cloud era, the significance of this for the changing role of CIOs, their relationships with the c-suite, and how IT leaders need to think more than ever before as business innovators.

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Designing and managing open-source servers for cloud-scale data centers

Kushagra Vaid, GM, Server Engineering, Cloud and Enterprise Division , Microsoft

The uptake of cloud is driving the need for mega scale public clouds. Designing and operating such large infrastructures requires not only significant investments in datacenters, servers, networking, and software, but also new methods for handling technology updates, supply chains, management, and maintenance. The aim is to produce higher efficiency, lower overall TCO, and more automated operations. Several years of actual experience with megascale clouds has led to major insight into server requirements. Much of this effort is applicable to typical data centers, and reference designs and other intellectual property are openly available through organisations such as the Open Compute. 

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Panel: Can the public sector fully leverage a consolidated and streamlined IT delivery in the “cloud first” era?

Dave Brown, Head of Informatics Infrastructure , Genomics England Diptesh Patel, Head of Core Technology Infrastructure, The Home Office James Barton, Head of Enterprise Technology Projects, Department for Work and Pensions James Duncan, Deputy Director, PSN CTO, Cabinet Office Steve Hall, CEO, Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited

With reduced budgets and an array of legacy IT, how can the consolidated approach help public sector organisations’s to streamline their IT delivery? Leading public sector IT experts will debate the benefits and challenges of outsourcing to a colocation facility. Can a shared facility simplify your migration to the cloud whilst avoiding vendor lock-in liberation in the “cloud first” era?  What are the challenges of government use of cloud services for public service delivery? How energy efficient is a shared facility? 

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Coca-Cola’s journey to the cloud

Jane Gilmour, International CTO, The Coca-Cola Company

Cloud solutions are on every enterprise CXO’s agenda as we move into 2016 with public cloud uptake gaining serious momentum this year. Whilst the benefits are clear, the migration to the cloud poses several challenges.

 What part of your IT should sit in a public private or hybrid cloud, and how do you overcome data mobility and security challenges?  Join Coca-Cola on their journey to the cloud.

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Panel: “Open” Cloud Abilities: Interoperability, compatibility and portability - Open interfaces leading to a true SDDC

Craig Box , Global Lead, Compute Go-to-Market, Google Guy Berlo , General Manager and Vice President, EMEA, FalconStor Michael Hausenblas, Developer and Cloud Advocate, Mesosphere, Inc. Peter Judge, Global Editor, DatacenterDynamics

Issues of interoperability, compatibility, and portability perpetually challenge organisations everywhere and unnecessarily delay the move towards the true, software-defined, data-driven data center.  The session focuses on how "open" interfaces help to solve this problem.

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