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Nov 18 2015

Opening Plenary Keynote: The Transformation from Vendor-led to Open-based, Disaggregated, Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

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Senior-most executives from leading open-source organisations reveal the profound implications of the changing game (and business). These experts GPS-locate us on the roadmap from vendor-driven, closed, proprietary, monolithic technology to open-sourced, knowledge-community-designed, distributed technology. Why is this important? Cost, transparency, efficiency, agility, speed, performance, and resilience. These expert crowd-sourced innovation engines are rewriting the rulebooks and the economics for the provision of data center and cloud technology services

Morning coffee and networking in the Expo with rapid-fire 15 minute presentations on the Solution Stages

PANEL: The petabyte data center –how to manage, store and access your large data sets

Dave Brown, Head of Informatics Infrastructure , Genomics England Doron Kempel, Chairman & CEO, SimpliVity

Organisations today are harnessing enormous amount of unstructured data.  As data grows, it becomes harder and harder to reap the benefits from an economically sustainable point. Every bit of this data needs to be readily accessible, easily transferred and stored, putting new demands on the compute and storage systems in a data center.  Examine how you can manage, store and access your data more efficiently and which approach is suitable for your data storing. 

Lunch and networking in the Expo with rapid-fire 15 minute presentations on the Solution Stages

All-Conference Keynote: Exploring the true virtual data center - converged, software-defined

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Advanced “third-platform” hyperscale data centers are evolving to consolidating and software defining the full IT stack. This converged SDN, SDS, SDC transformation cuts capital cost, improves utilization of the full infrastructure stack and delivers significant business value, not only in optimizing IT resources but by advancing the competitive nimbleness of the enterprise.

Panel: Software-defined data centers – realising the practical realities of a software-defined future

Speaker Details Coming Soon

By 2030, the amount of data is forecasted to have grown to 1 Yottabyte. The SDDC is a development that will prepare for the yottabyte traffic coming our way. But there’s confusion in the industry over what it is and what it can do. This panel will look at the realities of SDDC and evaluate how far we are from the software-defined data center and what we need to do to get there:

· What technology is already in place?
· SDDC in the enterprise vs. SDDC in hyper-scale environments
· Is OpenStack the way forward in realising the SDDC?


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