Press Releases

  • A Record Breaking Turnout at DCD Converged HK 2016

    DCD Converged HK brings together over 600 Senior IT professionals to hear from trailblazers and pioneers from across the region

  • Alibaba’s Leo Chen to Keynote DCD Converged Hong Kong

    As businesses and individuals swarm to the cloud and as big data threatens to swamp business, how does a provider keep ahead of demand?

  • Ensuring Your Design & Build Can Cope at DCD Hong Kong

    DCD Converged Hong Kong will provide valuable insights and learnings on how the design and development of critical infrastructure is fundamental to performance across the entire IT Stack.

  • The Gateway to a Smart Asia at DCD Hong Kong

    DCD Converged Hong Kong to bring the industry up-to-date and ready for coming developments in the unfolding era of Smart Technology.

  • Learning from Data Center Disruption at DCD Converged HK

    Mission critical facilities industry pioneer, i3 Solutions’ Ed Ansett, to keynote DCD Converged HK, sharing insights and learnings from recent high-profile data center failures

  • Cyber-physical Infrastructure to Converge IT and OT Professionals

    DCD Converged Hong Kong is set to convene the two tech worlds as the industry moves towards the next generation cyber-physical infrastructure

  • HKDCW Pre-event Launch highlights direction for regional innovation

    Ahead of Hong Kong’s Datacenter Week this November, 30 industry leaders gathered on the evening of 14 July in Hong Kong to network and share valuable and strategic insights on the latest news and trends

  • World’s most valuable data center event now free…

    The global networking event for the data center and cloud infrastructure community, is introducing a ‘free-to-attend by invitation’ model to help spread big ideas