Prem Kamble

Consultant and Author

Prem Kamble is a IT Professional with experience both as CIO in Manufacturing companies and as Senior IT Professional in SEI CMM Level 5 companies. Having closely worked with people as CIO to deliver software and make IT work within the socio-political environments in companies, Prem Kamble has a strong insight into what it takes to make IT succeed in companies. He has developed deep insight into issues related to the top management, the end users, the IT professionals, solution design and process re-engineering.

Prem Kamble have all aspects of IT addressed in his rounded experience - technological, procedural, behavioral, socio-psychological, organizational. He believes that technology is the easiest and most interesting part of an IT professional’s job, the difficult part is making the solutions work and contribute to business in the heated socio-political business environment. Prem specializes in both - building IT solutions and making IT work for people and businesses.

Prem, through his on-the-job research, has evolved his own trademarked Behavioral IT™ Framework of Successful IT Transitions. He also defines Behavioral IT™ as an essential skill for top managers. (Google on Behavioral IT). He believes that Managers do not need to know IT - they only need to know Behavioral IT™ to succeed in this IT driven world. CXOs, HoDs and all top managers need no longer harbor fear of technology. With Behavioral IT™, they have an opportunity to “Know IT without Knowing Technology”.