Ronald Setiawan

Chief Operating Officer
NEX Datacenter

Ronald has more than 10 years of experience in the internet service provider industry, and has assumed many different roles & challenges. He started his early career in CBN as a Corporate Support officer then to the Network Operation officer, where he came across many technical challenges from simple desktop troubleshooting to complex network design, exposed to different variety of networking equipment, such as Cisco, Linksys etc. In 2004, Ronald took a new role as a Supervisor for the technical team, and moved on to be the Manager for the Corporate Support and Datacenter Department in 2007. He has gained much experience in supervising, managing, planning, collaborating as well as leading a group of individual. In the late 2011, Ronald was challenged to manage the Retail & Residential Support team with the mission to enhance the customer service quality as well as improve the staff level of productivity. Focusing on building a positive work ethic as well as providing strong leadership engagement, Ronald managed to make a positive impact upon the team performance. With a strong skill set in managing, coordinating, leading as well as directing a group of people in achieving corporate goals, Ronald was subsequently assigned Chief Operating Officer for PT CBN Nusantara, a subsidiary company of PT Cyberindo Aditama which focuses on providing professional datacenter infrastructure service.