Judi Achmadi


Mr Judi Achmadi is an expert in Service and Product from Kellog Management University Chicago, USA. He received his master title majoring in Operation Management from Telkom Institute Management Bandung (IMT) in 2002. After 20 years of experience in telco and IT industries in Telkom Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia chose him to be the CEO of telkomsigma which has responsibility to handle, maintain and support the IT operation of Telkom Group as a whole. This responsibility has not been wasted, with his position in “Indonesia State Own Enterprises Forum” as the Vice Chairman, he endorses and supports the synergy between State Own Enterprise related in IT development and improvement in Indonesia. As the Vice Chairman and his completion, he received direct appreciation from Mr. Dahlan Iskan, Indonesian Minister of State Own Enterprises at the State Own Enterprises EXPO in Jakarta

He’s a regular speaker in Indonesia specializing in the IT field to endorse and share his vision about how important IT is for the future of Indonesia, mostly to young generations which he believes that they are an important aspects that hold a crucial parts in Indonesia’s better future.

Mr Achmadi has received various awards from National and International level recognitions. In 2012 Mr Achmadi was awarded as the Best CIO of Indonesia, and in 2013 and 2014 was awarded the Best CEO of Indonesia. On an international level, Mr Achmadi was awarded “ASEAN Best CIO” in Ho Chi Minh City during 2013. Telkomsigma has been awarded as 2014 data center of the year by Frost and Sullivan.