Shesha Krishnapura

Senior Principal Engineer

Shesha Krishnapura is a Sr. Principal Engineer responsible for defining and driving Intel IT data center transformation strategy, High Performance Computing (HPC) and distributed workstation cluster computing solutions for Silicon Design. Shesha has partnered with external server R&D divisions to bring disruptive high-density IA based optimal servers which delivers better ROI for IT industry and enable them stay competitive against mega cloud providers. Shesha represents Intel in Open Compute Project incubation committee. Since 2001, Shesha is leading the enablement of Intel Architecture (IA) based solutions in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry and driving EDA application vendors to bring just-in-time IA optimized solutions for world-wide silicon design engineers. He is strategically influencing world-wide EDA end customers to adopt best-in-class design compute solutions based on Intel multi-core processors, which has a run rate of $350+ Million Intel Xeon processor annual revenue in EDA market segment. Shesha has held a variety of technical and management positions since joining Intel in 1991. He has MS degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University.