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Jul 30 2015

On The Edge: Deploying and Managing Remote Network Edge IT

Henrique Oliveira, Director of Business Development, Data Center Solution, Emerson

Reliance on connectivity and technology close to the user, at distributed locations with no on-site IT expertise and limited physical security, is pressuring budgets and SLAs while increasing risk of a security breach.  Discuss how to better manage cost and risk at the edge of the network.  Learn how to improve speed of IT deployment, increase application availability, lower service costs and harden security in remote compute locations.

IT + Networks

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Emerson Network Power

The Industrialization of the Data Center: Setting The New Standard

Herb Villa, Senior Application Engineer, Rittal

The IT space has matured, yet, standardization is still hard to come by.  The core group of products – Termination, Network, Server/Storage share much in common. The process, however; is still unique for each site, leading to inefficiencies while hand-picking each component. Leaving the basic system approach behind, the Industrialization of the Data Center moves beyond selecting individual components, resulting in a comprehensive solution and incorporating products into one deliverable.

Critical Environment

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Why Data Center Design Strategies Fail?

David Winn, AMS Service Line Leader, HP

What do current technology roadmaps and trends tell us about what your IT and data center infrastructure should be in the future? Anything? What would be on your wish list? Each major interdependent infrastructure layer needs to be addressed: network, server, storage, power, cooling. Here’s a chance to give your best guesses as to what would be winning designs and strategies in the future. Where will you put your money?

Design + Strategy

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