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Jul 30 2015

Challenging Public Cloud Economics

Anthony Johnson, Senior Consultant, Flipside Partners Chris Yetman, COO, Vantage Data Centers Conor Malone, VP Engineering, Hyve Solutions

The cost-per-mW in the delivery of hybrid cloud capacity, by applying open-source  principles in the design, build and delivery of data centers, can reach a point to challenge the per-mW costs that public cloud providers are achieving. This panel discusses how that’s possible.

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Will Your Cloud Strategy Deliver the Business Value You Want?

Sherrie Brown Littlejohn, EVP & Head of Technology Strategy, Architecture & Innovation, Wells Fargo

Moving to the Cloud is a technology business management decision that demands careful planning. Both clear articulation of the business benefits and an equally clear-eyed understanding of the risks and challenges are management requirements. In the time of DevOps and cloud architects and engineers, how can you ensure efficient, effective  resource allocation to ensure a successful implementation?

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Is Your IT Organization Competent to Make Smart Cloud Choices?

David Nalley, VP Infrastructure, Apache Software Foundation John Hall, CTO, Tradesy Shane Garoutte, VP Technology Operations, OpenX

Cloud’s benefits are pretty clear. The competence to choose, plan and make the transition without fear of losing control is not as clear.  Is cloud infrastructure an all or nothing game or a hybrid model? How do you ensure that that your IT infrastructure is reliable, resilient  and able to deliver on command? How do you ensure that you stay in control.

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Troubleshooting: A High-Value Asset For The Service-Provider Discipline

Sagi Brody, CTO, Webair

As standardized offerings for hosting and cloud providers become more complex and interdependent, so too do the requirements to properly manage and troubleshoot them. The ability for technical teams to quickly localize bottlenecks, capacity limits, application issues, and other problems is now a key success factor. Troubleshooting, once considered a soft skill, now needs to be acknowledged and cultivated as an important corporate skill and asset.

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The Need for Speed: FPGAs in the Data Center

John Lockwood, CEO, Algo-Logic Mike Strickland, Director, Strategic/Tech. Mktg., Altera

Programmable hardware enables operators of datacenters to scale up the performance of critical networking services.  In addition to deployment of additional CPU cores, operators are now also deploying Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) logic to lower latency, improve throughput, and decrease the energy required to operate their datacenters.  In this session, we see real applications in 10G to 100G networks where Gateware Defined Networking (GDN) solutions achieve 20x improvements.

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