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Jul 30 2015

Solution Stage 2: Putting the “Y” in IoT

Bob Thronson, VP, Marketing & Business Development, Vigilent

The Internet of Things is big news.  However, in today’s data centers, many “things” generate information that is never analyzed, or only used for basic functions like anomaly detection.  This talk will explore what’s required for the IoT to create real economic value in mission critical environments.  Specific examples will be shared showing how the IoT can optimize cooling.

The Solution Stage

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All-Conference Keynote: For the IoT to Happen, It Helps to Have Designed The Infrastructure that Makes It Possible at Scale

Eddie Schutter, Director, New Technology Product Development Engineering, AT&T; Foundry

The Internet of Things is a game-changer for IT infrastructure. It's not a matter of innovating, but rather of thinking big and making all of the new technologies work together intelligently to make life better and easier. Where are the boundaries? Or is the sky the limit?

Session takes place on the Main Stage in the Stacking IT Hall


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