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Jul 30 2015

Registration and Breakfast in the Expo Hall

All-Conference Keynote Roundtable: Mapping the New Open Data Center Innovation Genome

Alan Clark, Chairman of the Board, OpenStack Foundation Amber Graner, Community Manager, Open Compute Project Foundation Calista Redmond, Director, OpenPOWER Global Alliances, IBM Dan Pitt, Executive Director, Open Networking Foundation Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, Linux Foundation Neela Jacques, Executive Director, OpenDaylight Roger Strukhoff, Principal, Tau Institute

Opening remarks by Cole Crawford, Chair, StackingIT
The Transformation from Vendor-led to Open-based, Disaggregated, Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure
Senior-most executives from leading open-source organizations reveal the profound implications of the changing game (and business). These experts GPS-locate us on the roadmap from vendor-driven, closed, proprietary, monolithic technology to open-sourced, knowledge-community-designed, distributed technology. Why is this important? Cost, transparency, efficiency, agility, speed, performance, and resilience. These expert crowd-sourced innovation engines are rewriting the rulebooks and the economics for the provision of data center and cloud technology services.

Session takes place on the Main Stage in the Stacking IT Hall

Coffee Break, Networking, and Solution Stage Presentations in the Expo Hall

Will Your Cloud Strategy Deliver the Business Value You Want?

Sherrie Brown Littlejohn, EVP & Head of Technology Strategy, Architecture & Innovation, Wells Fargo

Moving to the Cloud is a technology business management decision that demands careful planning. Both clear articulation of the business benefits and an equally clear-eyed understanding of the risks and challenges are management requirements. In the time of DevOps and cloud architects and engineers, how can you ensure efficient, effective  resource allocation to ensure a successful implementation?

Transforming the Data Center for the Era of the Cloud

Richard Garratt, Director, Data Center Solutions, Dimension Data

Turning the current flood of available data into meaningful intelligence businesses requires business leaders to look beyond the traditional data center toward technologies like cloud, automation, virtualization and hybrid networks. BPI Network is studying this transition in a new initiative called “Transform to Better Perform”, co-sponsored by Dimension Data and Datacenter Dynamics. This session explores the implications of this business technology transformation.

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Dimension Data

Keeping Video Content Streaming

Colin Kincaid, VP, Web Portfolio, Cisco John McIlwain, Director, CDNetworks Michael Todd, CTO, Victorious Phill Lawson-Shanks, Chief Architect, EdgeConneX

Streaming video and interactive content is growing exponentially - Netflix and YouTube are just a visible tip of the demand. More processing power, storage, bandwidth, and an entire infrastructure right at the “edge” of the network are the key to last-mile content delivery.

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Lunch, Networking, and Solution Stage Presentations in the Expo Hall

All-Conference Keynote: For the IoT to Happen, It Helps to Have Designed The Infrastructure that Makes It Possible at Scale

Eddie Schutter, Director, New Technology Product Development Engineering, AT&T; Foundry

The Internet of Things is a game-changer for IT infrastructure. It's not a matter of innovating, but rather of thinking big and making all of the new technologies work together intelligently to make life better and easier. Where are the boundaries? Or is the sky the limit?

Session takes place on the Main Stage in the Stacking IT Hall

So, You Want Webscale? Cloud? You Need DCI

Eve Griliches, Director, BTI Systems Jon Hudson, Principal Engineer, Office of the CTO, Brocade Kevin Wade, Director, Cyan

Explosive growth in new data centers to handle the “3d-platform” realities give optical fiber data center interconnect (DCI) a bright future. CNOs of multi-site, web-scale networks know DCI plays a critical part in meeting demand for always-on content, but also in business continuity/DR. What does state-of-the art DCI look like in today’s CDN environment? Can DCI scale out globally? Find out why this is now must-have requirement in the new virtual critical environment ecosystem.

Is Your IT Organization Competent to Make Smart Cloud Choices?

David Nalley, VP Infrastructure, Apache Software Foundation John Hall, CTO, Tradesy Shane Garoutte, VP Technology Operations, OpenX

Cloud’s benefits are pretty clear. The competence to choose, plan and make the transition without fear of losing control is not as clear.  Is cloud infrastructure an all or nothing game or a hybrid model? How do you ensure that that your IT infrastructure is reliable, resilient  and able to deliver on command? How do you ensure that you stay in control.

Troubleshooting: A High-Value Asset For The Service-Provider Discipline

Sagi Brody, CTO, Webair

As standardized offerings for hosting and cloud providers become more complex and interdependent, so too do the requirements to properly manage and troubleshoot them. The ability for technical teams to quickly localize bottlenecks, capacity limits, application issues, and other problems is now a key success factor. Troubleshooting, once considered a soft skill, now needs to be acknowledged and cultivated as an important corporate skill and asset.

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