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Aaron Rallo

TSO Logic

Aaron Rallo is the CEO of TSO Logic, a global company specializing in the development of IT efficiency software for data centers. After working 15 years in the trenches of major data centers worldwide, Aaron set out to create a solution for delivering actionable metrics and automated controls that could substantially improve overall IT efficiency. The result — TSO Logic’s Application-Aware software — enabling organizations to optimize server use and capacity planning in order to align power usage with workloads and reduce energy waste.

Aaron previously served as president and CEO of PNI Digital Media, vice president of web development and operations for Fuji Film, and senior product manager with Microsoft’s digital imaging team. He graduated from Stanford University’s AEA Program and holds a degree in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. A native of New York, Aaron now lives and works in the city where the company he founded is based — Vancouver, British Columbia.