"DCD Converged as a global conference organizer for the data center industry allows us to have an integrated understanding of the whole industry. Travelling to Singapore to attend this conference allowed me to really understand the market's direction"
Haifeng Qu, Alibaba

“This event is always good to meet up with the old network team and also to see how new innovations are being delivered and presented at the forum.” 
Adrian McPaul, Citibank 



“We learn from understanding causes of failure and how to avoid them. When the data centre industry shares failure information overall reliability will improve”
Ed Ansett, i3 Solutions

"The networking is wonderful because through DCD we connect with people from many industries" 
Joel Yang, ERS Industries

"Enterprise cloud adoption in Singapore has evolved over the years to a model which now requires cooperation and interoperability. Co-opetition is the new normal"
May-Ann Lim, Asia Cloud Computing Association


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