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Oct 27 2015

Plenary panel: How can hosting, colocation and cloud managed services providers position themselves to best enable digital enterprise transformation?

Chris Crosby, Co-Founder & CEO, Compass Datacenters Eli Scher, CEO, New Continuum Data Centers Giles Proctor, VP, Data Centre Services , Pacnet at Telstra Joe Weinman, Digital Strategist and Author, Independent Consultant John Hughes CBE, Executive Chairman, Telecity Group Ross Bawcum, AVP, Global Data Center Operations, AT&T;

Preventive and predictive: The next steps for service provider excellence

Eric Koch, National Product Manager , Siemens

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) around power in the data center world are not to be taken lightly. The responsibilities are clear. To avoid potential penalties, service providers must adhere to the promises they make to their multi-tenants—whether it’s reliable power and cooling, or more efficient workloads and energy levels. And in some cases, going beyond the use of preventive services is critical to meet such needs.

Predictive service programs come in all shapes and sizes, and can better enable service providers to differentiate themselves as the preferred provider through maximized uptime, reliability and reduced operating costs for multi-tenant providers. Through this proactive and comprehensive strategic maintenance approach, service providers can also establish comparative baselines and determine future equipment maintenance needs.

Learn ways to lay the foundation to protect against unforeseen failures and downtime to proactively plan system replacements and upgrades. This session will address:

  1. What are the differences between preventive and predictive services?
  2. What are the impacts of predictive services in the data center ecosystem?
  3. How can Data Center managers align key facility goals through the use of robust predictive services?

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