Haifeng Qu

Research Specialist in Operation and Maintenance, Technical Assurance Department

As a senior data center expert in China, he is now a member of China Data Center Committee, and a Research Fellow on Operation and Maintenance of Technical Assurance Department in Alibaba. In the latter role, he is in charge of developing Alibaba’s IDC technologies and operating and managing the Group’s data center assets. Since 1999, Haifeng Qu has once worked for a lot of companies including Dr. Peng, 21 Vianet, and West Cloud Valley in Ningxia. He has done a lot of innovative work in data center investment, operation and maintenance, technology management and service, energy planning and implementation, and utilization of renewable energies. In recent years, by promoting a series of cloud base projects, he helped China’s data center industry to accelerate the transition to cloud. In Alibaba, his nickname is Huaba, which means building a stable and sustainable infrastructure for cloud.