Most Connected Industry Professional

Know many IT and data center professionals in the industry? Invite them to join our DCD events! The person with the most number of successful referrals will win an award of the Most Connected Industry Professional at our DCD APAC Awards 2017 ceremony. Stand to win prizes at each event as well! Boast your connections to your fellow peers, enter now!

DCD>Most Connected Industry Professional 2017

Be rewarded in 2 WAYS for referring your peers to join us at DCD events:

  1. Win prizes for referring the most number of peers to register for DCD>Thailand!
  2. And be in the running for the DCD>Most Connected Industry Professional APAC Award for referring the most number of peers collectively at any DCD event through the whole year! 

How to enter:

  1. Download our form here and indicate who you’d be referring for any of our DCD events.* Convince them to register for our event!
  2. Submit the form to so we know you referred them when their names show up in our registration portal.
  3. When your peers register AND attend any of our events, you’ll automatically qualify to enter and win prizes for the most referrals for DCD>Thailand as well as the DCD APAC Award - Most Connected Industry Professional 2017

Hurry and share DCD events with your peers! Each successful referral brings you closer to winning your award!


  • If I am unable to attend the event but I have friends whom I'd like to refer, will I still be eligible for the award?
    • Yes, even if you are unable to attend the event, you can still enter to win. 1 peer registering and attending 1 DCD event counts as 1 entry!
  • I do not know many people outside of my own country.
    • You are still entitled to win prizes for being the most connected at DCD>Thailand so invite your peers now!
  • How do I know if I have qualified for the award/prize?
    • An email will be sent out, prior to each event, updating you on your progress.

*Referral programme for DCD>Thailand 2017 ends on February 10 2017. Results will be emailed to participants on February 15 2017.

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